My Submission Process

So, you’re looking for an agent. You know that an agent helps you to get your book in the hands of editors, but what does that process look like? Different agents handle submissions differently, but this is my process. After I sign a client, we usually do at least one round of revisions on the […]

How Am I Supposed to Network if My Event is Canceled?

Things are a bit… weird right now, to put it lightly. Due to the concern over Covid-19 spread, many conferences and book events are being canceled. This is a good thing, because it is keeping people safe, but I know it can be disappointing, too. Conferences and book events are great places to network. However, […]

How Do You Pick Things You Like? What Are Common Reasons You Reject?

How do you decide which projects you want more of, and which you don’t? The easy, short answer is I just know. But that isn’t helpful, is it? That’s not advice, it’s a statement. It’s a true statement, but not one that answers the question. I really do just know which projects will work and […]