What Does Agenting/Publishing Look Like During Covid-19?

Agents are definitely still taking on clients right now! This is a crazy, strange time we’re living in, but agents are carrying on business as (almost) usual. Of course, some agents are closed to queries right now. Check agency websites as well as agents’ social media to be sure they’re still open to submissions. Many – including me! – are. Keep in mind that many agents are adjusting to this new time, so response times may be slower than before, but we’re doing the best we can!

On the publishing side of things, a lot of editors have emailed to assure me and other agents that things are carrying on the same as before. Acquisitions meetings are being held over video chat, but that’s the only difference. Many editors and publishing houses are eager to continue buying books. The reason for this is likely because of how far ahead publishing looks. If they don’t buy books now, then they won’t have new releases in 2022/2023, which would cause a domino effect of issues. 

I will say that some smaller publishers (and even some of the bigger ones!) are slowing down, furloughing or letting go employees, reducing advances, and doing other things to adapt to the current climate. However, as I mentioned, the books acquired now are going to come out two to three years from now. If publishers don’t acquire, then they’re setting up for issues down the road. They’re doing their best to keep the acquisitions going, and making the necessary adjustments as they go. 

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